Simple tips to avoid getting sick from Thanksgiving leftovers

WICHITA, Kan. Thanksgiving dinner can mean leftovers for days, but after a few days, it can become dangerous territory. Following simple tips can help you make sure you get the most out of your Thanksgiving meals without worrying about getting sick.

Storms could knock out your power for Thanksgiving dinner.

It's safe to keep food refrigerated for three to four days, meaning you have until Monday after Thanksgiving to eat your leftovers. You can stretch out that window of opportunity by freezing meals for later.

"With any meat or protein, it should always be refrigerated," Dillons Deli Manager Gage Banzet says.

He says 41 degrees or below is a safe temperature for meat to be kept and outside the fridge, any meat should never be kept laying out for more than a couple hours.

"That way, there's no chance for bacteria to grow on your meat or protein," Banzet says.

Another way to get the most out of your leftovers before you have to pitch them is to repurpose the leftover food. For example, with some work, you can make a pie from leftover sweet potatoes.