Since Spirit is in, is Tyson out?

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) On Wednesday, Spirit Aerosystems announced that it would be bringing 1,000 jobs to Wichita, Kan.

Does that mean a Tyson poultry plant, which could also bring hundreds of jobs to the area, won't be coming?

It's the question many of you have been asking.

Last month, Tyson announced it was building a plant in Tennessee as the first phase of its project. The company said selecting a site in Kansas would be put on hold and the focus would be put on the Tennessee plant.

Wednesday afternoon, Sedgwick County commissioner Richard Ranzau confirmed that the county will not provide incentives for Tyson.

He told meeting protesters the news before this announcement was made during a county meeting on Wednesday.

"We had some people show up again today expressing their concerns about Tyson, so it was really kind of gut wrenching to hear their continued concerns when I really knew that we'd already told them last week that we weren't going to offer any incentives," said Ranzau. "I felt like it was the right thing to do to let people to know that's the case because they shouldn't have to continue to worry about something that probably isn't going to happen."

Ranzau said The Greater Wichita Partnership told the state no incentives would be offered to Tyson.

While he said it's up to what the poultry giant does now, he thinks it won't choose the Wichita area when it learns it won't get any tax breaks or subsidies from the county.

"I think the push back from citizens made the difference, and I think that's why my other commissioners have decided not to support this," said Ranzau.

The community hasn't been welcoming of the poultry plant either.

"It has been stressful considering I live a mile from where the rumored location could have been and knowing that this could have a negative effect on my property value and the way of life for over 200 of us in that are of the county was stressful," said Kippie Boch.

She said those in her opposition group are cautiously optimistic following Ranzau's statement.

Eyewitness News reached out to Tyson and asked if Sedgwick County was still being considered as a potential site for a poultry plant, again we were told is “the project in Kansas is on hold, and Tyson is still looking at potential communities.”

We hope to learn more about the future of a Tyson plant in Sedgwick County later this week.

Ranzau said there will be an announcement Friday. He said that announcement will likely come from the state or The Greater Wichita Partnership and said it will probably just be about incentives.