Singing Kansas Officers take the stage with Kelly Clarkson

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- From the squad car to center stage - two of Kansas’ own boys in blue took the stage with a music superstar Thursday night in Kansas City.

Capitol Police Officers LaMont Jackson and Michael Pagel were on stage with Kelly Clarkson during her performance Thursday night at the Sprint Center in Kansas City.

The officers have become well known on social media for their version of Police Car Karaoke, which started nationwide last spring.

The dream-come-true started unfolding a few weeks ago.

"I received a call from work, from our dispatcher, and they said that one of Kelly Clarkson's promoters was interested in talking with me," Jackson said.

Pagel thought it was a joke.

"I was shocked to say the least," he said.

But Clarkson was serious. So Thursday night, the officers unbuckled their seatbelts to walk on stage for a wild ride. The crowd cheered as Clarkson recognized their service, then remained on their feet while Jackson and Pagel sang “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King. Clarkson even joined in from time to time.

"Nerve wracking!" is how Pagel described having thousands of eyes looking back at him from the crowd. Jackson, who performs around the area with a band, said it was easily the largest crowd he's had at a gig!

"I thought I would have the jitters but something just came over me," Jackson said. "I had a great time. Kelly Clarkson is so personable."

Even more than the music was seeing their message of community well received.

"It shows that (Clarkson) appreciates law enforcement officers and also everybody in the crowd was supporting us and the whole stadium was rocking so it lets us know that people are still supporting law enforcement and what we do and not see the negative side," Jackson said.

"How she mentioned she had family that was in law enforcement and how she knows what law enforcement officers go through on a daily basis - I thought that was pretty neat," Pagel said.

They pair aren't ready to hop on a tour bus just yet, but this wasn't their swan song, either! They hinted at the possibility of a new police car karaoke video for Valentine's Day.

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