Sister remembers 86-year-old man murdered Friday

Published: May. 2, 2017 at 9:25 PM CDT
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A family grieves an 86-year-old man stabbed to death Friday. Police said Otto Meyer died of stab wounds at a home he owns. Neighbors said he was trying to rent the home to new tenants.

18-yea-old Yvonne Mosqueda and 28-year-old Boe Wayne were arrested in connection to the murder.

Family and friends said Meyer was kind, hardworking and friendly.

"He was a good, good man," said Meyer's sister, Marti. "Had a good heart. Christian. Hard work ethic."

Marti first learned her brother was murdered at one of the rental properties he owned, after her other brother called her.

"I just went into a panic," said Marti. "I just, I couldn't believe it...I've been crying a lot."

Pictures and memories are all Marti has left of her brother. She said she's not ready to forgive.

"At this point I cannot forgive you," said Marti. "You're horrible, soul less people. You need to pay for this, and I hope you will."

For now, Marti shares his story and remembers the vibrant man he once was.

"I'm not afraid to speak out for my brother," said Marti. "This should not ever happen ever again to anyone."