Smart City: Wichita prepares for 5G, new technology

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WICHITA, Kan. Your drive to work could be quicker, your internet speeds could be faster and your neighborhood could be safer as the city of Wichita is looking at technologies that impact your daily life.

Do you ever feel you hit every red light?

The city of Wichita began a pilot program that would look at synchronizing lights.They did so with 13 lights along Maple Street, and will be looking at the results in a couple weeks.

It's not just your drive that could speed up: so could your phone. Adam Linthicum, of Wichita says he's excited to hear the city of Wichita is preparing for a 5G network.

"That'd be awesome, I'd have less events of my phone hanging up,” said Linthicum.

"5G, we're looking at potentially partnering with various entities to incorporate 5G in this community,” said Mike Mayta, CIO of the city.

City of Wichita leaders are talking about the future of technology here to make it a smart city, and how to include that in plans for projects like the new baseball stadium.

"Free WiFi, some of those expectations that people are going to have with technology, but also how can we incorporate smart parking, smart way-finding so people know what is the easiest way to get to the stadium,” said Mayta.

The mayor would also like to see smart technology in parking systems, and the transit system.

"It would be nice to walk up and instantly see on a sign when the next bus would be by, and the next bus would be by. And the technology exists today for us to be able to implement strategies like that,” said Mayor Jeff Longwell.

Linthicum. says that idea is smart.

"That would be great for public transit, I think more people would use public transit if we had more routes and times," he said.

The city of Wichita is also using technology to fight crime.

The Old Town camera system is more than a year old, but now they are getting ready to install gunshot detectors in some Wichita neighborhood in the next two months.