Snyder's future a big topic for fans gathered to watch Cactus Bowl

WICHITA, Kan. Kansas State fans gathered at Bubba's 33 Tuesday to watch The Cactus Bowl.

The big talker among fans was Bill Synder's future.

"That's a hard one just because we feel so tied to the Snyder family, and they've done great things for K-State, but I fully have confidence in the athletic director, and what more can Snyder do? He always turns something around and makes it the best he can anyway, so we'll see how it goes," said Kyler Jost, a Kansas State Senior.

Daniel Weber said he's seen every Kansas State game this season. He watches the games with his daughter, and it's their way of bonding. He doesn't want to see Snyder go.

"He wants Sean, his son, to take over, which I don't think is going to happen next," said Weber. "I hope he stays, but his health, he doesn't look the best."