Some Haysville-area homeowners still hoping for flood relief

SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. People who live in the Hancock Acres area near Haysville are still hoping for relief after heavy rainfall left parts of Sedgwick County with extensive flood damage.

The county could have a solution in the works for Hancock Acres. The plan to dig wells to alleviate the problem was an idea that's been discussed before, but was turned down about three years ago in the nearby Peach Valley area of Haysville, as it would have increased taxes. Now, some area homeowners say they wish the option was still on the table for them.

In the Peach Valley area, most of the water is outside the home of James Harris and Elizabeth Belt, but they know the work is far from over.

"We have three sump pumps that have been running pretty much nonstop for two or three months," Belt says. "The basement flooded a couple of times. We had to replace two sump pumps. Several weeks ago, all of the sump pumps went out, so within an hour there was two inches of water in the basement."

Harris and Belt say they've had plenty of problems, but it's been much worse for some in the area.

"We have had neighbors who had had to replace Sheetrock and cabinets, things like that," Harris says. "Making sure that stuff doesn't happen and trying to keep up with it is the biggest headache."

Harris and Belt's home is just three-and-a-half miles southwest of Hancock Acres where more people have been dealing with the aftermath of heavy rainfall.

"You've got nights where you are constantly worried about if the power is going to go out, if you are going to lose the sump pumps again," Harris says. "They keep things going and work well for awhile, but if the power goes out, we get inundated with water."

Belt and Harris say they wish the county would have dug wells three years ago as proposed in Peach Valley. With the tax hike coming with it, homeowners voted down that option then. But now, the county is proposing to dig wells in Hancock Acres to provide some relief.

If it come to another vote for homeowners in Peach Valley, Harris says he thinks the result would be different.

"It is definitely something that if it came through again, we would vote for and want to be passed," Harris says.