Some Kansas towns in process of spraying to ward off mosquitoes

MCPHERSON, Kan. With the official start to summer approaching and mosquito populations growing, crews in some Kansas cities are in the process of spraying to try to keep mosquitoes at bay.

There's an emphasis on mosquito-prevention measures as medical professional say they're likely to see cases of West Nile Virus across Kansas this year. , recognizing that many counties are at a "moderate risk" for the virus.

McPherson is one city spraying for mosquitoes this week. It's a heightened concern following May's torrential rains and flooding.

"We had one of the highest rainfall totals on record for the history...really, for the last 20 years, we haven't seen this much rain," says Grant Rardon with the McPherson Parks Department. "It's more than likely going to be a pretty heavy mosquito season for us."

Many cities in Kansas don't have the resources nor equipment to spray for mosquitoes. Goddard joins McPherson among the cities that are able to take the preventative action.

Officials say prevention is especially important after a wet spring.

The chemicals cities spray to help prevent mosquitoes are approved by the CDC and the FDA, but when the spraying happens, people in that city are encouraged to close windows and bring pets inside.