Some property owners oppose plan for new wind farm in Sumner County

Published: Dec. 29, 2016 at 11:48 PM CST
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Supports say plans to put dozens of wind turbines on farmland in north central Sumner County will be great for the county's finances.

Opponents say that doesn't take health and environment effects into account, let alone how the tall wind turbines will look and sound.

Beverly Haines, who lives in the middle of rural Sumner County where the company, Invenergy, wants to build dozens of wind turbines, says she likes the idea.

"I think they're really cool," she says of the turbines. "Of course, coming from a farm, I like windmills anyway. They could put one in the backyard. I wouldn't care."

Not all of her neighbors agree. Many showed up to complain about the plans for the Argyle Creek Wind Farm at a county commission meeting last week. One commissioner says he was surprised at the amount of opposition to the wind farm that he says could help lower property taxes.

The economic development office in Sumner County says the wind farm would bring in millions of dollars to the county, along with jobs for the construction and eventual operation of the farm.

But those who don't want to see the landscape change say they're worried about other changes a wind farm would make. They're concerned about the idea of putting up wind turbines in an area on a fault line, given the increase in earthquakes in recent years.

Those opposed to plans for the wind farm are upset the county commission moves so quickly on a vote, saying they didn't get enough time to explain their concerns, among other things.

The opposition does have the right to appeal. The group's lawyer says they haven't decided if that's what they will do.

If approved, the Argyle Creek Wind Farm would be the third to put turbines in Sumner County.