Storm Team 12: Don't believe crazy Christmas forecasts


If you're dreaming of a white Christmas in Kansas, you may be disappointed. Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Ross Janssen says it's still a little too early to accurately predict what to expect on Christmas Day.

Just in time for Christmas, a storm could be approaching the Plains as it's expected to get much colder across the central and northern Plains. However, Janssen warns that you should be leary of forecast models you might see on social media that are coming from non-credible sources.

One non-credible model that has generated a lot of discussion was shared by the Oklahoma Weather Network. A Facebook post claims Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and parts of Arkansas could see heavy snowfall with up to two feet falling in northern Oklahoma and southeast Kansas.

Janssen says similar predictions called for a major snowstorm on Black Friday, a day that turned out to have moderate temperatures and sunshine.

"Any forecast out there for Christmas day calling for a lot of snow, disregard that. Because even though we're gonna see a major change in the overall weather pattern, we still don't know what Christmas is going to be like other than it looks like it's gonna be pretty cold," Janssen says.