South Korean in Wichita reacts to meeting with North Korea

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) President Trump's meeting with Kim Jong-un affects Koreans living in Kansas who fear for the safety of their loved ones in Asia.

Last year, Ilsik Hong, who lives in Wichita but is from South Korea, told KWCH he had confidence the President could bring peace to Asia.

Now, he says he's not happy with how this week's meeting went.

"Last year when you were interviewing me at that time, and I thought the President Trump would start the war, I wish he did it, and now, the war will not happen," said Hong. "The way President Trump, the way he's going now, I think the North Koreans will take advantage of the U.S. government and the South Korean government, and they want the money….they want us to bail out themselves."

Hong says he did not like the wording of "denuclearizing the North Korean peninsula."

"What the North Korean denuclearization on the Korean peninsula means, U.S. cannot use nuclear bomb in any case if war happens," said Hong.

He also believes this deal will hurt America and South Korea financially.

"Kim Jong-un is desperate," said Hong. "They are so poor their people are dying, and their economy is terrible. If this goes a little longer the whole country will collapse, and the President Trump, I hope he doesn't pour the money into save that man."