Spirit employees brace for round of layoffs

Published: Jan. 10, 2020 at 10:25 PM CST
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Some Spirit AeroSystems employees who spoke with Eyewitness News Friday say they're already putting in applications for other jobs, preparing for the worst after the company announced

Others, including one employee we talked with Friday, says he's waiting to see if the company will soon be able to turn things around.

"For my personal experience, I'm just gonna wait it out a little bit," Spirit employee Brandon Clark says. "I mean, Lord knows I've had struggles myself. I need time with my own family at the same time, so I'll just ride it out, see what happens."

Clark is a father of five who says he is more concerned for coworkers.

"Everybody's situation is different," Clark says. "I mean, some people struggle more than others and you know, (I'm) not really sure what could come out of it really," he says.

Machinists Union president Cornell Beard says this is "an extremely difficult time for the workers at Spirit who have dedicated their lives to making the company a leader in aerospace."

He goes on to say, "we are continuing to meet with the company to find ways to lessen the impact of this situation as much as possible."

Robert Freeman has been working at Spirit for about a year. He says he and his wife are just now getting back on their feet and Friday's layoff announcement scares him.

"Between my wife and I, we have eight kids, and we've been struggling. And we're finally getting our way of everything straightened out. Now we get this news, and now I'm scared again," he says.

Spirit says the layoffs for hourly employees will start Jan. 22.

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