Spring-like change brings reminder to prep home against flooding

WICHITA, Kan. With potentially heavy rain anticipated this week, it's a reminder that a new season is on its way and with it, a reminder to get your home ready fro spring.

As a plumber, Kenneth Pyland has seen his fair share of flooded basements.

"Generally there's water everywhere when the pump fails. There's usually a very upset homeowner that didn't know it was happening," he says.

The "pump" he's talking about is the sump pump, usually the source of the problem when a homeowner's basement floods.

"When it's raining, when water gets up against the foundation wall, water will take the path of least resistance, which will go down the drain tiles and eventually end up here where the pump will pump it back outside," Pyland explains.

But sump pumps can fail, turning basements into swimming pools during heavy rains. To avoid the flooding headache, Pyland suggests that homeowners test their sump pumps often.

While basements can be heavily impacted by rain and floods, dealing with the problem starts above ground, at the gutters.

"I've seen a lot of bad ones; people just letting (debris) sit there, build up over time and (water) doesn't even go down the drain,"

Bacarrie Washington with Diamondback Total Lawncare says the purpose of gutters is to direct the flow of water from a roof to where it won't do any damage.

Debris or sludge blocking that flow can lead to flooding and foundation problems. Washington and Pyland say now is the time to test sump pumps and clean gutters.