State treasurer sends letters to help Kansans collect unclaimed property

Published: Mar. 22, 2019 at 4:24 PM CDT
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If you've recently received a letter from the Kansas State Treasurer's Office, don't ignore it. It is not a scam and you'll want to pay close attention to what the letter says. If you receive a letter from the state treasurer, it means you have unclaimed property waiting for you.

The state recently sent out hundreds of letters to Kansans with unclaimed property and how they can claim what is rightflly theirs.

the treasury department acts as a custodian to unclaimed properties that include court deposits, dormant checking accounts, dormant savings accounts, insurance benefits, oil and gas royalties, safe deposit box contents, stock and cash dividends, utility deposits and wages.

"Each year, thousands of people lose track of their bank accounts, cash, stocks, bonds, refunds, royalties, safe deposit boxes and other property. People move and forget to furnish their bank, broker, employer or insurance company with a forwarding address," the Kansas State Treasury Department explained with last year's effort to reunite Kansans with unclaimed property. "Losing sight of property can happen to anyone. It is the Treasurer's job to reunite rightful owners and heirs with unclaimed assets currently being held by the State of Kansas."

Letters from the treasurer's office include a

. The letter also will include an outreach code which you will type in at the provided link.

Ahead of the 2018 holiday season, the state

to help Kansans reunite with unclaimed property.Through the first week of December, the effort helped Kansans collect more than $4 million in unclaimed property.

From July 1 2018 through Thursday (March 21, 2019) the state treasurer's office reports more than $20 million returned in previously unclaimed property with the average claim coming out to $254.72.

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