Stay-at-home moms deserve $160k/year, survey says

We all know stay-at-home moms are priceless, but if you had to put a price on the job they do, what would it be?

A new survey by says stay-at-home moms could earn upwards of $164,581 per year for all the duties they perform. That's up $5,000 from the 2017 salary of $157,705.

The 2018 salary was based on a 96-hour work week, down 0.4 hours from nearly ten years ago where SAHM's were valued at $122,732.

We all know mothers do a handful of jobs on a daily basis -- beyond the normal cooking, cleaning and folding laundry.

Other duties include CEO, accountant, chauffeur, coach, nutritionist, nurse, plumber, judge, janitor and psychologist.