Emily Glass speaks from jail: 'I would never hurt my son'

Published: Feb. 26, 2018 at 11:39 AM CST
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Eyewitness News went to the stepmother of Lucas Hernandez Wednesday afternoon, looking for answers as to what happened to the missing five-year-old.

Emily Glass spoke to FactFinder12 Investigator Devon Fasbinder in an exclusive interview from the Sedgwick County jail.

Police say Emily Glass may be the last person to have seen Lucas on Feb. 17. She was charged earlier this week with child endangerment in a case not involving Lucas but a 1-year-old child.

When asked if she knows where Lucas is, Glass got emotional and said, "No. If anyone does know, please say something. Because me and dad are worried sick."

Glass cried when Devon Fasbinder asked directly if she hurt Lucas.

"I did not," she said. "I would never hurt my son."

"He's like a son, you know?" Glass said. "I may not have given birth to him, but he's my baby boy. I take care of him every day, you know?

Glass also talked about the bruises Lucas had in many pictures that have been circulating social media. She said he would often play rough with other boys.

"There's been times he's being a boy and playing with older brothers and his cousins. He gets bruises. He has had some falls," she said.

"A majority of the time when he had gotten hurt and ended up with bruises, he wasn't under my care because I would send him off with my cousins and there's older boys there and he's a very little, small boy and he could get hurt easily and when he's playing with older boys who are like 10 years old, even though we'd say hey Lucas be careful. We had to tell him all the time you know, be careful," she said.

Glass said she didn't have anything to say to those who are claiming she had something to do with Lucas' disappearance. She said "that's on them" and it's not her concern.

"I mean that's my baby. That's my baby boy," she said. "He has sisters and he has brothers. He's so loved."

When asked again if she had any idea, she said there were two people who were acting strangely outside of the home a few days before Lucas disappeared.

"I keep thinking and I keep thinking what could have happened, you know. And I keep thinking back to these two people that were outside of my house a few days prior. A black man and white woman," Glass said.

Investigator Devon Fasbinder asked if Glass knew these people.

"No," she answered. "They were standing outside and talking and smoking a cigarette and it was actually pretty early morning so I went out there to be like hey is everything okay? Do you need to come inside? Are you stranded? They were just like, no and just like looked at me like I offended them or something."

She continued, "And I said okay, I'm sorry. It's cold outside and I didn't know if you needed to come in. I was just being nice. They stuck around for maybe another 15 or 20 minutes. I actually did snap a picture of them walking away because I wanted to send it to their dad to say hey this is what's going on. Because I'm at home alone."

Glass said she did end up sending the picture to Jonathan, Lucas' father.

FactFinder 12 asked police about that and a spokesman said they can't get into details because it's an ongoing investigation. He did say that information was passed on to investigators though.

Finally, Glass recounted the Saturday Lucas disappeared.

"I took a shower and he took a nap like we always do," Glass said. "I put him down for a movie in his pull up because, you know, he has accidents when he sleeps so that's why he had a pull up on. He had fallen asleep after my shower which is why I went down."

After that, she said she shouldn't be speaking with FactFinder 12 and hung up the call.

Lucas has been missing for 11 days. Wichita police and the public have

in hopes of finding in new evidence that might lead them to Lucas.

Anyone who knows where he might be is asked to call 316-383-4661.


3:17 p.m.

The stepmother of a missing five-year-old Wichita boy is charged with one count of child endangerment.

Emily Glass appeared before a Sedgwick County District Court judge Monday afternoon and heard the single charge against her. Police records show she was suspected of using drugs at the time of the incident.

Glass is the stepmother of missing five-year-old Lucas Hernandez. She was also the last person police say had contact with the boy before he disappeared from his home near Lincoln and Edgemoor on Feb. 17.

According to the complaint, Glass permitted a one-year-old child "to be placed in a situation in which the child's life, body or health may be endangered" on Feb. 16, the day before she reported Lucas missing.

A spokesperson for the Sedgwick County District Attorney's Office said Glass was not charged with a second count of child endangerment because the case involving Lucas' disappearance is a part of an ongoing investigation.

Glass is expected to appear back in court for a preliminary hearing on March 13.


11:39 a.m.

The stepmother of a missing five-year-old Wichita boy will appear in court Monday afternoon.

Emily Glass will make her first appearance in court at 2:30 p.m. She is currently being held in the Sedgwick County jail on two counts of child endangerment, one count is directly related to her stepson, Lucas Hernandez.

Glass reported Lucas missing on Saturday, Feb. 17. Since then, Wichita police have searched several locations around Wichita, but after nine days, no one has seen or heard from the child.

Monday morning, Wichita community members organized their own search party and to comb through the grounds of Wichita's Chisholm Creek Park - a location search twice by police - and Cessna Park.

Eyewitness News talked to Hernandez's parents who are both asking for the public's help and dedication to find their son.


After speaking with Emily Glass, Eyewitness News brought in Personal Protection Expert Joe Schillaci. With years of experience interviewing victims and suspects, we wanted to learn more about what investigators could learn from interviews like this.

Schillaci says even short interviews can tell an experienced investigator a lot about a case.

"I'm not saying this woman is involved, but certainly has some answers to unlock this incredible mystery of this poor boy." Schillaci says.

Emily Glass says she has no idea where Lucas is, and denies ever harming him. Even so, Joe says she could still provide information critical to the investigation.

"She can provide historical background of everything that was going on in this child's life." he says. "Whether it be with her, whether it be with other loved ones that he was involved with, whether it be friends, whether it be neighbors."

He says by watching the interview, an experienced investigator could learn key information that could help them get closer to finding Lucas.

"It's not just the verbal. As a good investigator, shame on you if that's all you're honed in on because you will miss out on 75 percent of that interview." Schillaci says. "If all you're honing in on is exactly what's coming out of her mouth, you're missing the boat."