Still having issues with unemployment? Here's why money may not yet be in your account

Published: May. 12, 2020 at 5:56 PM CDT
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Frustrations continue as some Kansans collecting unemployment due to COVID-19, still aren't seeing all of the money they're expecting to receive.

Kansas Secretary of Labor Delía García says overall, the KDOL is ahead of schedule in processing Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) payments, the additional weekly $600 added to an eligible claimant’s weekly benefit amount that is available for weeks from March 29 to July 25, 2020. The department of labor says as of Tuesday (May 12), it has already paid out more than 200,000 payments of FPUC and that the remaining weeks of back payments began processing last Wednesday (May 6.)

Fast forward almost a week and more questions are raised as to why many still aren't seeing the money from those back payments.

"I've probably called about 500 times. Some of the bills haven't gotten paid. It's thrown our lives into complete chaos," says one frustrated Kansans relying on assistance from unemployment to get through the difficult time brought on by the global pandemic.

The KDOL says the reason some back payments haven't been sent out is because the department is not allowed to send out more than $75 million each day. Currently, back payments total more than $154 million.

After the department of labor issues weekly unemployment benefits, there's a limited amount left to make back payments.

"I understand the $75 million cap, but they've got to come up with something," a frustrated Kansas worker says. "I've been waiting a heck of a long time."

The KDOL says the timing in which Kansans receive their $600 back payments will ultimately depend on how many people file for unemployment claims each day. Once they are issued, the payments will take an additional two to three days to process.

The department of labor is also working to have the $75 million daily limit removed. The state says removing the cap is necessary to send out payments and clear the backlog of more than $154 million.

The backlog only interferes with retroactive payments. Now, a new issue surfaces with some Kansans not getting the weekly $600 payment altogether.

The state says it is aware of this issue and working with the bank to find a solution. It warns, however, this will take time.

"The bank wasn't used to spending so much money in one day. We realize that, so we've been talking with the bank and we'll be removing that ($75 million-per-day-spending) cap in the coming days so we don't have that issue, Garcia says.

Realistically, Garcia says it could take the bank until next week to remove the daily spending cap. After that, she says, the state will have the ability to send out more payments.