Storm chaser recalls night of Greensburg tornado

GREENSBURG, Kan. (KWCH) It's been ten years since the town of Greensburg was nearly wiped out by an EF-5 tornado. Marty Logan was heading north on Highway 183 that night, chasing the storm.

"It was a monster and I knew it was tearing stuff up. I just didn't know where it was headed yet," said Marty.

Marty has more than two decades of storm chasing experience. To this day, the Greensburg tornado is the largest he's seen. That could explain why the details of that night are still vivid.

"I estimate it was 8-10 miles south here on highway 183 where we first saw that wedge tornado on the ground," said Marty, in nearly the same spot as the night of the storm.

Chasing the storm in the dark, it was nearly impossible to track the tornado as it rolled through Kiowa County. Thanks to flashes of lightning, Marty was able to capture a photo that soon reached news outlets across the country, including Eyewitness News. But with limited technology in 2007, sending the picture wasn't easy.

"I had to go south, find cell strength and get the machinery to work properly. And we were able to send back one picture," said Marty.

That one picture captures the sheer size of the tornado, more than a mile and a half wide. Today, Marty keeps that photo tucked away along with 25 years of other storm chasing memories.

"Some of us are born to do it and enjoy it. Enjoy it to a point of saving lives, not because of the carnage. But somebody has to do it and I guess I've been selected and I enjoy doing it."