Strangers at Wichita park step up after no one shows up to girl's birthday party

WICHITA, Kan. Strangers this past weekend came together to help a young Wichita girl celebrate her fourth birthday.

The support came after nobody initially showed up for Taya's party in Riverside Park. A family friend there for Tayah decided to go around Riverside Park and ask if others enjoying their day would come help celebrate the 4-year-old girl.

"And it almost... Well, it does bring tears to my eyes to see all these families getting their children out of the water and walking over to the picnic table to celebrate Tayah," the woman says.

Taya had no idea that what would turn out to be a big celebration at the picnic table was all for her.

The woman who shared the video says she believes that God put everyone at the same place that day for a reason. She says that by one simple act of kindness, those who stepped up to support a girl they'd never met are left with a beautiful member of a day they'll never forget.