Strong winds, slick roads cause traffic troubles across Kansas

Published: Nov. 11, 2019 at 5:52 PM CST
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Not all of Kansas saw frozen precipitation on the roads, but powerful winds presented a challenge for just about everyone.

Combined, windy and icy conditions made driving difficult across much of the state Monday morning. As conditions improved Monday afternoon, Eyewitness News spoke with drivers who made it through the worst of what the morning had to offer, especially on the Kansas Turnpike between Butler County and the Kansas City Metro.

Near Kansas City, people were advised to stay off the roads if they could as icy conditions created a dangerous situation.

Dalton Casey was among the travelers taking a quick break Monday afternoon at the Towanda service station in western Butler County. Casey had a long morning, driving a tractor trailer from the Kansas City area on his way to Wichita.

"I'm driving a Conestoga, so it's like a sailboat. So, the wind don't help and it just creeps up on you," he says.

On his drive from the Kansas City Metro area to Wichita, Casey says he saw a handful of vehicles slide off the road on the Kansas Turnpike (Interstate 35).

Making their way home from Texas to Iowa, Debi Slaughter says the approximate 50 mph wind gusts created the biggest challenge in Kansas.

"Crosswind especially, it's just blowing us around," she says. "But God's in control and my husband is doing a great job."

On a similar trek, Jacob Wurth says wind and slick spots were issues as he makes his way with his family home to South Dakota.

"A lot of cars in the ditches, so that kid of woke you up a little bit to slow down," he says.

Wurth says a colder, snowier scene will greet them at home.

"There's two to three inches of snow already there and it's a low colder than this," he says.

Casey says the key to navigating the roads safely in a situation like what much of Kansas dealt with Monday morning, is to pay attention to your surroundings and be ready for anything.