Strong winds topple trains, knock out power in Walton

Published: Aug. 18, 2019 at 8:52 AM CDT
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Winds up to 70 mph hit Walton early Sunday morning causing train cars to derail and knocking out power.

"It's definitely the first time we've seen a train knocked over and seen this much destruction on spot," A.j. Dugan said.

As of now, BNSF says there's no time yet on how long it will take to get the trains back up and moving.

Strong winds did more than just topple train cars, some residents were also left in the dark after the storm.

"We're out of power and there are lot of trees down on Walton Avenue that's knocked over," Dugan said.

The storm didn't spare the trees in Walton or the Laney family moving to town from Oklahoma.

"Our neighbor told us. We met the fire guy, he said welcome to Walton, you don't have electricity and I don't know if you will all day, and I was like great," Joshua Laney said.

The Laney's didn't let the storm damper their spirits.

"It's part of life, you just go with the punches and that's what we do- we just roll with the punches. Get everything unloaded, move in and get settled and start school," Laney said.

An official for BNSF says the train traffic will be re-routed until everything is cleaned up.