Student run company at WSU gives students real-world experience

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) It's something normally only found at Ivy League schools.

A student-run company at Wichita State University is providing real-world experiences during a time when it can mean the difference between a job at graduation or unemployment.

The Barton International Group is a consulting company. There are currently 25 employees and a faculty advisor.

Students meet once a week at Devlin Hall, but it's what happens in between those weekly meetings, that is landing them jobs at a surprising rate.

They strive to replicate a real-world company, hiring and training employees.

Student CEO Jacob Archer has been with the group since 2014. He says they've worked for a lot of companies from Koch, to Coleman to smaller businesses.

"I've sat in board meetings with the biggest companies in town and I've sat down with the mom and pop start-ups and had to figure out how to best help them and how to best allow my employees to get the most experience and the most learning," said Archer.

That experience is doing more than punching their passports and being able to tell cool stories about trips to Silicon Valley and New York City.

Since the group started in 2008 every student has had a job lined up when they graduate.

Students who work for the Barton International Group are not paid, but they do accept donations from companies.

Those donations are then used to pay for their educational trips. Their most recent trip was to Taiwan to learn about its business culture.