Student-run newspaper says hundreds of copies taken from racks due to controversial story

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EL DORADO, Kan. Copies of a college newspaper were taken from the racks and dumped into recycling bins.

The staff of The Lantern at Butler Community College say it was done because some disagreed with the paper's content.

Hundreds of copies of the student newspaper came up missing last week, its staff says, was because of the front-page story.

That story stirring controversy reported on the arrest of a former Butler football player for capital murder in Alabama.

One student who knew the former player tells Eyewitness News he does not agree with The Lantern publishing the story.

"We see it as them painting a picture for their newspaper, not for what it really was," Butler student Cameron Meeks says.

After the papers turned up missing, The Lantern staff reported the incident to campus police and turned toward surveillance footage.

"We saw them take a few. Regular circulation, though, the students are going to pick up the paper," says Butler Community College Police Chief Jason Kenney. "So accounting for how many were taken to be read or removed for this reason, we don't know. We cant' determine that."

The Lantern's managing editor, Rachel McClurg, says the staff will keep publishing stories, whether or not people like the content.

"We're not here to make people happy," McClurg says. "Sometimes they would like it to be that way. They would like things to be left out of the paper, but unfortunately, we can't do that."

The Lantern is partially funded through student fees. We're told students seen on camera taking the copies of the paper will not face criminal charges.