Sublette High School holds active shooter training

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SUBLETTE, Kan. (KWCH) Is your child's school prepared for an active shooter situation?

One Southwest Kansas school is taking the necessary precautions.

The school year is less than a week away at Sublette High School and faculty members are learning what to do in case of an active shooter.

"It's our job to make sure those kids are safe and to protect those kids but when something like this comes in it really brings it to light," said Sublette Special Education Teacher Krista Groth said.

Sublette installed SafeDefend boxes in classrooms and other places throughout the school. When there's a threat, the boxes can be activated by fingerprint.

"911 is automatically called. It tells us exactly where that box was activated and we'll know exactly where the shooter is," Sublette schools Superintendent Rex Bruce said. "The box includes a gel pepper spray, the baton to help break out glass if we have to exit through a window, the trauma kit for major wound care."

The box makes faculty feel more prepared.

"Makes me feel a lot safer knowing that those things are available for us to use and that they're right there, so we're ready," Groth said.

Staff members then learned how to properly use that pepper spray and swing the baton.

"Both things that I had never done before," Groth said. "It was just interesting to be able to actually have it in my hands and use it."

Training will also be offered to students, helping everyone involved feel a little more at ease.

"I think it's going to give us all a peace of mind," Bruce said.

"We've talked about it, we've run through some of the scenarios, we've got this," Groth said.