Super Bowl ad journeys through time without Amazon's Alexa

Alexa, who will win the Super Bowl?

Although Amazon's virtual assistant doesn't have a crystal ball, she has become a reliable source for pretty much everything else in your life.

Can you even remember a time when you had to physically turn down the heat or change the channel on your tv?

Well, that's what Ellen Degeneres wants to know in a new Super Bowl ad for Amazon.

The comedian poses the question to her wife and then takes us on a trip back in time.

Historical versions of Alexa -- meet Alex, Alexei, Alicia, and Alyssa -- as they take care of everyday tasks the old fashion way.

And as you would imagine, things don't always go as planned.

Yes, it does appear life before virtual assistants was a little less accommodating.

Every year millions tune in to the Super Bowl for commercials like this one, and businesses like Amazon pay heavily to be featured during the game.

This year, a 30-second ad costs $5.6 million.