Haven superintendent explains what's next for Partridge grade school

The Haven school board voted Monday to close Partridge grade school at the end of this school year. The vote was 5-2.

The superintendent, Clark Wedel, says declining enrollment means the district doesn't need three grade schools and closing it will also help the district save money.

He says the district will try to keep teachers and staff and move them to other schools, but some may end up without a job. Wedel says the challenge now is figuring out what needs to be done.

"Some of that will be communication with parents as to what our plans are and where their kids might end up," said Wedel.

Some parents say they wish the district would have tried to save the school and increase enrollment.Other parents say without Partridge, their kids will be spending more than an hour on the bus each way to go to a different school.

Kayla Pelkey has a child at the school and says it's a sad situation.

"It doesn't seem like we matter out here," said Pelkey.

Parents say the unanswered questions are frustrating.

"Hopefully we will have answers for them. I know they are hurting and we want to do our best to provide those answers so they can move forward," said Wedel.

The school district hasn't said what it will do with the building yet.