Survey seeks community feedback on Wichita Police Department

WICHITA,Kan. In an effort to make improvements in its service to the community, the Wichita Police Department says it's partnered with the National Police Foundation to get feedback from people it serves.

Wichita police say the National Police Foundation is conducting a Police-Community Interaction Survey which asks opinions of people who've had contact with the WPD.

"There are three questions directly related to the initial call, and five general opinion questions about how community members are treated by WPD, as well as what WPD can do to better serve the community," the department says. "All information that is captured is confidential and the National Police Foundation will not report any specific responses or potentially identifying information to Wichita PD -- they will only receive the aggregate responses."

The WPD says the survey is funded through the National Institute of Justice to the National Police Foundation."