The Independent School announces plans for Early Childhood Center

WICHITA, KAN. (RELEASE) The Independent School announced their plans for a Childhood Center.

During his State of the School address on Sunday, Head of The Independent School, Dr. Milt Dougherty, announced that the new program will open in August 2018.

The Independent Early Childhood Center will serve families with children up to age four looking for a safe, loving environment to nurture their child’s curiosity while providing a strong preschool curriculum.

The program will be housed in the former Garvey family home which was gifted to the school.

Contractors began working on a new layout for the facility, so that construction can begin later this fall.

“We’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to make best use of the Garvey home in a way that will further support the mission of The Independent School. We’ve heard from parents over the years that they would like to see an early childhood option on our campus. The Independent School is like family to so many, they want to see their children grow up here. ” says Dr. Dougherty.

The Independent Early Childhood Center will be an extension of The Independent School specially tailored for younger children.