Tax deadline approaching fast

The deadline to file your taxes is coming up fast.

If you haven't filed, tax preparers say there's no need to worry just yet.

The first thing you need to do is make a list of all of the documents you'll need in order to file.

We spoke with the owner of Liberty Tax Service in Wichita. Sue Hornung says the best way to do this is keep an envelope or file of your returns from the past five years.

At her office, they accept walk-ins right up through tax day, which is Monday, April 15.

Hornung says, this year there are changes to things like the standard deduction, the Child Tax Credit and the use of the 1040 'Simple' form.

That form replaces several other forms of the 1040 from previous years.

Hornung says don't feel overwhelmed by these changes though.

"It's seven days and counting so there's still plenty of time," Hornung said. "Get your stuff together, call somebody and make an appointment or just see if you can find an office where you can walk in and drop it off and they can work on it in their down time when they're not with other clients, other appointments."

The deadline to apply for an extension is also April 15.

You'll find more information on taxes at the IRS Website

If you want to track your tax return, here's link to their refund tracker