Teen reels in 66-pound fish at Cheney Lake

Trey Patterson, a recent graduate of Cheney High School stands out as an elite track and field athlete. Late last month, he won the Class 3A state javelin championship.

Over the weekend, an accomplishment away from the track could put Patterson in the state record books. Fishing at Cheney Lake Sunday, Patterson reeled in the catch of a lifetime, a 66-pound Buffalo Bigmouth. The monster fish also measured nearly 4 feet long (44 inches).

"I started reeling it in and I don't know if it was reeling me or if I was reeling it in, but it took about 25 minutes," Patterson says.

State officials say the existing record for a Buffalo Bigmouth was 62 pounds and 43 inches long. Measurements show Patterson has the record, but officials say there is a 30-day waiting period to confirm the measurements on the fish Patterson caught and to officially determine if his catch trumps the old record.