Teens from outside Kansas running for governor

Published: Feb. 19, 2018 at 6:43 PM CST
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Even more candidates entering the race for Kansas governor... And there's

This latest wave, isn't even in the state.

"I have not been to Kansas," said University of Delaware student, Conner Shelton.

"People like me, coming from Delaware, running for Kansas governor, it just doesn't make sense,” said Nicholas Schrieber, University of Delaware student.

“It'd be an honor to be the governor of Kansas, is it the most likely outcome, I don't think so," said Ilan Cohen, junior at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School.

All three have filled out the campaign finance forms that allow candidates to raise funds to run.

It's a deep and young field of candidates for Kansas governor with no age or residency requirements.

"There's that article about the dog, right?" said Shelton.

You do have to be human.

“I'm running almost like a political point to prove that there is a hole in the Kansas legislation that allows for this to happen," said Shelton.

Fellow student, Nicholas Schrieber, is making a website and platform.

"Reform the tax brackets to ensure that everybody pays there fair sure, and also things like infrastructure, education are really getting their fair share of the cut, rather than shrinking state government and really hurting Kansans in the process,” said Schrieber.

These young men also say there is a gap between the age of those elected, and the general population.

Seventeen-year-old Ilan Cohen is a junior at a Maryland high school.

"Hopefully we can engage teens in what we're doing and show that political advocacy and engagement is something for everyone,” said Cohen.

Right now there is a bill being proposed here in Kansas that would require candidates be at least 18, and have lived in the state for four years.