Frustration over officer-involved shooting escalates at Wichita council meeting

Published: Feb. 13, 2018 at 6:43 PM CST
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The deadly shooting of Andrew Finch by police came up again Tuesday before Wichita city council members.

Every week since Finch was shot, people have come to speak about police shootings here in Wichita.

Today an argument broke out when a woman was speaking in support of Wichita police.

Mayor Jeff Longwell tells part of the audience to be respectful.

After the woman stops speaking... You can see a man start to walk toward the podium in the video.

Longwelll says, "No, he's going to have to leave."

After the meeting the mayor said, "I just wish people would be more respectful. We have a process to work through, and its even in someone else's hands, and until that process is completed, our hands literally are tied."

The local pastor who spoke at council mentioned how police believed they were going to a murder-and-hostage situation.

"I said nothing can bring back Mr. Finch's life, and no amount of money can be a substitute for him, but the blame needs to go where it belongs, not on these who are keeping watch on our city," said City Church pastor, Jeanne Garrelts.

Other speakers want the name of the officer who shot Finch released, and say they will take their message beyond city hall.

"We can get more shirts, we can get yard signs, we can get banners, we can go to the NCAA tournament coming and we can stand out there and demand that justice finally be given, or at least some answers be given," said Kathy Camden of Wichita.

Some were also upset the pastor went over the allotted time. The mayor said he's allowed other speakers to go over.

The Finch family has filed a lawsuit against the City of Wichita.

People in support of the family say they will keep coming here to city hall every week.