The right gun holster is key to gun safety

Published: May. 16, 2016 at 12:49 PM CDT
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With more and more Kansans carrying guns, many of you want to know the best way to carry safely.

At Thunderbird Firearms Academy anytime they talk about guns, they're talking about safety.

"What we talk about in our classes is you're the first safety," said Brandon Light, Director of Retail Operations for Thunderbird. "The mechanical device on the gun has nothing to do with safety. You're the first safety. Your support equipment is the second line."

What happened over the weekend in Augusta, with a man carrying a small 380 gun in his sock, has a lot of people talking about how to carry a gun safely.

"I've never heard of anybody every carrying it in a sock before. It's definitely not recommended. It's not a safe way to carry, it's not a secure way to carry," said Light. "I don't encourage anybody, no matter where they're going, to carry a gun without a holster ever."

When looking for a holster, Light recommends that you find one that completely guards the trigger mechanism. The thicker the material, the better. A holster like that will not give you access to the trugger unless you pull the gun out.

"It's real simple, easy, inexpensive piece of safety equipment, that not only keeps your gun secure, it keeps it safe," said Light.

Light says while comfort is the number one thing people look for in a holster, safety should be right up there with it.

He says he can't think of a single conceal carry class in Kansas that does not stress a holster with a trigger guard.

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