Thousands of dollars worth of jerseys stolen from Wichita store

Published: Apr. 1, 2018 at 9:26 PM CDT
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Surveillance images captured near the Oliver Sports store on South Seneca show two suspects in a black SUV leaving the scene in the early hours of Easter morning.

Hanging out of one of the doors, dozens of autographed jerseys - worth hundreds of dollars each.

"My first thought was it was one of my friends and/or customers playing an April Fool's joke on me."

But Vince Oliver soon realized what happened at his store early Easter morning was no joke. The Surveillance footage shows a burglar shattering the front door, and later carrying out an entire rack of jerseys.

"This jersey rack was full of autographed jerseys. And out of all of that, this is what we got." he says, gesturing to a small collection of jerseys that he was able to recover, after the thieves left them behind.

"It's kind of nice to get those back." he says. "But rather than getting Harry Carson back and Bill Bates back, if I'd had my choice I'd rather have Dak Prescott and Marcus Mariota, or Jameis Winston or Bo Jackson or Nolan Ryan or any of those they did get."

Some were dragged from the car as the thieves fled, and badly damaged in the process - like his autographed Will Clark jersey.

"This one was about $120, so it was at the lower end of that." he says.

But now, it's covered in marks from being dragged along the pavement outside. The Value?

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." Oliver says.

He estimates about 20,000 dollars worth of merchandise was taken - all in less than a minute.

"It hurts a little bit, when somebody wants to take 20,000 dollars of your hard-earned money because they feel like it."

But for the people who took them, the jerseys likely aren't nearly as valuable. He still has their certificates of authenticity.

"These right here." He says, gesturing to the certification cards. "These are some of the certification cards, and I've got ten more stack sjust like them in the case."

Without those, the jerseys are nearly worthless.

"It may only be a $140, $150 jersey with the JSA certification. If they peel it all off of there it's like 30 that certification that lets the customer know that it's real, that's where the value is at."

He hopes by sharing the surveillance photos and video, he can find whoever took the jerseys - or at least get some of them back - and he says he's willing to offer a reward for information that helps.