Wichita family leads creative effort to lift spirits around the world

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) After their son was placed in the hospital, a Wichita family is teaming up with local schools to make handmade cards and deliver them to people who may need their spirits boosted.

Jacquelyn Hunter and her daughter Sydney Butler say they've been making these cards for three years.

Jacquelyn Hunter and her family have been making handmade cards and sending them to people around the world in hospitals, nursing homes, and military bases trying to spread joy.

"It started because she has a brother who was in the hospital and we received a pair of socks when he was in the hospital from the Wyatt the Warrior Foundation," said Hunter. "I thought that was such a good gesture. We just decided to do something."

After her son's experience receiving something special, Hunter thought handmade cards would mean something to those who received them.

"It's a different way to express feelings, i think. And think those are often forgotten right now," said Hunter. "Children's hospitals, nursing homes, a lot of them go overseas to the veterans. So just simple touches like that in everyday life makes a difference."

Making cards for every holiday and sending them out every two weeks; 2019 has been a record amount.

Butler said so far this year, they've made 12,017 handmade cards.

They partnered with 11 Wichita area schools this year and that helped reach the 12,000 card benchmark.

"You can teach lots of different things on those. You can teach handwriting, you can teach empathy, you can teach creativity," said Hunter.

Hunter says the project is sending cards to all 50 states, choosing a different hospital every time.