Thursday marks 4 years since 'Baby Vincent' last seen

WICHITA, Kan. Thursday, July 11, marks four years since the last known sighting of a Wichita infant named Vincent Moore.

The four-month-old was last seen in July 2015 with his father, Gary Moore Jr.

"It was late in the evening. At the time we started interviewing all family members," Lt. Todd Ojile, with the homicide division of the Wichita Police Department recalled while discussing the case last May.

Police say Vincent's father took the infant and a two-year-old to Texas but came back to Wichita around July 9, 2015. A neighbor reported seeing Vincent with his dad on July 11 in the 3100 block of S. Hydraulic. Two weeks later, Moore was stopped and arrested on unrelated warrants. The two-year-old was with him but Vincent was not.

He said he dropped Vincent off with his mother, something the mother denies.

Wichita police say finding the now 4-year-old boy will take some new piece of information. Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 316- 267-2111.