Thursday's temperatures pose danger to kids and pets

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 6:18 AM CST
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With wind chills dipping below freezing, no one should spend much time outside.

Frost bite can start in about 30 minutes, so kids walking to school or the bus stop need to be prepared.

Dr. Amy Seery at Ascension Via Christi says the cold, and what's left of the snow, can be dangerous for your family.

She says kids need to have warm layers on, and that includes good shoes or boots to keep out the wet snow. She also suggests footwear with traction to prevent slips and falls.

Dr. Seery says playing in the snow, and getting gloves and coats wet only make kids colder. She suggests talking to your kids before they head out the door to school.

"Having a parent drive the child to a bus stop if possible, reducing that walk time, driving them part-way, getting a neighbor to help out, I think that is a good offer," Dr. Seery says. "If you just can't come up with anything, again, encourage your kids to go out warm with dry clothing, appropriately wrapped up, and head straight to school. don't dilly dally along the way.

Dr. Seery says red or pale hands is the first sign of frostbite. If you see poor circulation on your child's hands, warm them up in lukewarm water, not hot water.

Frigid temperatures are dangerous for the four-legged family members, too.

Max Runyon with the Kansas Humane Society says dogs can get frostbite, and need to be inside today.

Runyon says dogs need to be inside with some heat, even if it is just the garage.

Dogs' paws are also sensitive to the cold ground. He says you need to keep your pets out of extreme temperatures that are dangerous for humans too.

We always talk about associating leaving a dog in the cold with heat, but you really don't want to do it with cold weather as well. It's going to have the same effect. It's going to get cold in the car when the car is not on, so it turns into basically the same temperature outside," Runyon says.

If you use ice melt on your sidewalks, stairs and driveway, make sure it is pet friendly.

Runyon says if you have a short-haired dog, get them a jacket or vest add to add a layer of warmth.