How Tiger's comeback encourages growth in golf

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The latest victory in Tiger Wood's career impacts an entire generation.

Tiger Woods wins the Masters Tournament, his first major tournament since 2008. (Source: CBS/MGN)

Now local golf pros hope the win will encourage youngsters to pick up a club, just like Tiger did when he was a kid.

"It was cool to play golf," Jim Elliott, the general Manager of Willowbend Golf Club said. He remembers the boom that followed Tiger's initial glory years. "That would be fun to see again."

It's not just winning the green jacket, Tiger's entire career is the true masterpiece. The 43-year-old pro brought new life to an old sport.

"You could easily make the argument that he started a bunch of that or, at least, played a big role in that," Elliot said.

Corey Novascone, the program director for The First Tee of Greater Wichita hopes to see an increase in youth playing golf following Tiger's 15th Major win.

"People that don't even watch the sport are talking about golf," said Novascone. "It's trending everywhere on social media."

He also attributes much of golf's diversity to Tiger's accomplishments in the sport.

"He opened a bunch of doors for everybody," he said.

The First Tee is an international program for youth golf. It helps expose kids of all ages to the sport who may have otherwise never had an opportunity to play.

"We're not going to let the cost of this game be an excuse any longer," explained Novascone. The organization in Wichita is hosting a fundraiser next Monday. The First Tee also accept equipment donations daily.