Tips to protecting plants ahead of Friday's frost

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) With winter-like weather headed to Kansas by the week's end, we want to make sure you're prepared.

Temperatures will dip into the 30s and even 20s in some areas across the state.

Eric Denneler with Tree Top Nursery says any temperatures below 40, even just for a couple of hours, can damage plants.

He says fall plants like mums or pansies should be fine unless temperatures dip below freezing.

"You can cover things at least for a temporary fix using a sheet or a cover - various fabrics work well to cover them that will give you a few degrees of protection. 54:13 that's probably your best bet," said Denneler.

Denneler says there are different "microclimates" around the outside of your home which means certain areas may stay warmer than others.

He said you should avoid using anything plastic to cover your plants because that plastic can heat up from the sun and actually burn your plants, and if you end up bringing plants inside use an insecticidal spray to keep pests and bugs out of your house.

He says if you're not sure whether to cover a plant you're better off just doing it to be safe.