Tree in Lucas Hernandez photo connected to case from decades earlier

Five-year-old Lucas Hernandez hasn't been seen for more than two weeks. Police say they've followed up on every lead they've received, but they've found no signs of Lucas.

Wednesday, Eyewitness News looked into how this case compares to another missing child from nearly three decades ago.

Nine-year-old Nancy Shoemaker disappeared on July 30, 1990. Her body was found seven months after her disappearance. As the search for Lucas continues, people in the Wichita community and beyond hope the boy's story does not turn out the same as Nancy's.

A connection between the two children comes in the form of a willow tree. One photo of Lucas shows the boy with his backpack, ready for school. Directly behind him is the small tree.

That small willow tree was planted in memory of Nancy Shoemaker. Like Lucas, Nancy was a student at Beech Elementary School.

"To them, it's another tree and that's fine. But you know for some of the older people, they know the story behind it," says Nancy's father, Bo Shoemaker.

During the months'-long search for Nancy, Bo says he never lost hope she'd come home safe.

"And I'm sure those parents and family still have hope of Lucas returning home safely. And there's a chance for that," he says.

In the continued search for Lucas, police ask anyone with information to call the tip line at 316-383-4641.