Turbo Tax and IRS launch stimulus check registration for non-tax filers

Turbo Tax partnered with the IRS for people who are not required to file taxes.

Max Pixel / CC0 1.0 / MGN

Individuals collecting income from disabled veterans benefits or anyone making less than $10,000 per year does not need to file taxes. Turbo Tax says up to 10 million Americans are not required to file, potentially leaving them out of the economic impact payments.

This is the solution: the IRS and Turbo Tax created a web page where Americans can register for economic impact payments without filing a tax return. It's on the Turbo Tax coronavirus webpage beneath the stimulus payment calculator.

It is a free service and only those who do not file should register.

If you filed a return for 2018 or 2019, collect income from social security and file a SSA-1099 or collect income from railroad retirement benefits and file an RRB-1099 - you do not need to register through the Turbo Tax site.