More closures around Tuttle Creek State Park

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RILEY CO., Kan. (WIBW) Sunday, May 26, 2019

After previously advising visitors to leave the Rocky Ford and Riverpond areas of Tuttle Creek State Park, the USACE has now closed the sites as of Sunday, May 26.

The Kansas Highway Patrol will close all vehicle access on eastbound Kansas Highway 13 (at the start of road across the dam) at 7 a.m. on Monday, May 27. Access to Tuttle Cove Road and Riley County Fire Station 12 off Highway 13 will remain open.

The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch until Monday morning. Residents are encouraged to be prepared to take action should any warnings be issued.

The Riley County Health Department is providing a Special Medical Needs Form intended for individuals or their loved ones whose health condition would necessitate additional resources should an evacuation become necessary or should their homes lose power or be damaged by water. The form can be accessed online here.

The Riley County Health Department can also be reached at (785) 776-4779.

An evacuation advisory has been issued for the Rocky Ford Campground at the Tuttle Creek Lake and the Tuttle Creek State Park below the dam.

The forecast for Tuttle Creek expects the water level to rise a level of 1,133.71 feet by Tuesday.

Visitors are advised to leave the areas and roads to the dam are expected to be closed within the next few days. The advisory is just an encouragement presently, but may turn into an order over the next few days.

If a water level of 1,136 feet is reached, water will be released from the tubes to manage the lake level without a spillway release. This should not cause any flooding downstream.

Due to the rain expected to come, flash flooding is a danger in Riley and Pottawatomie counties. Residents in these areas should be ready to evacuate if needed.

Affected residents should take note of the following advisory stages:

• High Water Advisory- An advisory that notifies residents or property owners that their property may receive high water or their access to their property may be impacted.

• Evacuation Advisory- An advisory to notify residents or property owners that their property may be flooded or their access to the property may be impacted, evacuation is recommended, and that they may be ordered to evacuate in the near future.

• Evacuation Order- A notification of “Imminent Danger” to notify residents or property owners that their property may be flooded or their access to the property may be severely impacted. This order to evacuate is considered as mandatory for non-residents as a curfew is important for security of the affected areas./