USS Wichita launches in Wisconsin

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MARINETTE, Wis. (KWCH) The Navy's newest warship was launched in Wisconsin Saturday morning.

The future USS Wichita splashed in the water at a shipyard in Marinette.

The ship is one of the newest class of combat vessels in the Navy's arsenal.

Those ships are designed to operate close to shorelines, helped by agility and speed.

The Navy has already had two vessels named after the largest city in Kansas and Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell said he's happy to see a third.

"For almost 80 years, the USS Wichita has been our tie and our claim to the ocean, charging through the sea, bearing our name and our legacy along with it," Longwell said. "I'm truly blessed to be here in office during this time of christening the next USS Wichita."

The ship is currently known as ICS Thirteen. It will officially receive the USS title after its commissioning.