Unique trade proposal in Barton County includes K-9, patrol car

GREAT BEND, Kan. The Barton County Sheriff's Office could be working with the Great Bend Police Department on a unique trade.

The exchange? A car for a dog.

Currently, the Great Bend Police Department has two K-9,s but just one handler after the department's second handler took a new position.

The Barton County Sheriff's Office does not have a K-9 unite, but Sheriff Brian Bellendir hopes that will soon change. The sheriff is hoping the Great Bend Police Department's Belgian Malinois, Kai, will transition to the sheriff's office after an exchange between the agencies.

In exchange for the K-9, the sheriff's office would buy a new patrol car for the Great Bend Police Department.

Bellendir says Kai would help the sheriff's office fight drug distribution in the city.

"I intend to use this dog for assisting in search warrants, car stops, vehicle searches purse searches, that sort of thing," the sheriff says.

If the deal is made, the police department would also give the sheriff's office its vehicle equipped for a K-9. Bellendir says he hopes to have the deal done in the next week.