Visitation resumes at El Dorado Correctional following disturbance

BUTLER COUNTY, Kan. UPDATE: The El Dorado Correctional Facility says they are returning to the normal visitation schedule this weekend, with one exception.

The prison says offenders housed in "D Cell House" will not be allowed visitation privileges at this time.

Visitation was stopped after a large disturbance involving inmates earlier this month.

The facility made the announcement on its Facebook page Wednesday morning.

The uprising at El Dorado Correction Facility Sunday warranted a larger response than past incidents, according to emergency responders.

The Kansas Department of Corrections says about 100 inmates refused to come in from the yard and started several small fires. Everything was resolved within a few hours without any injuries. We know up to 125 emergency responders were called in to help get the situation under control.

This is the second straight year flare ups have caused concern at the prison. But first resopnders say Sunday's situation was different and called for a much larger response.

Butler County 911 Director Chris Davis says the prison called 911 twice and needed help securing the perimeter. He says that alone separated this situation from incidents last summer.

"The previous incidents - they only asked us to be on standby. This time they had their hands full in terms of getting that many people back under control," said Davis.

"As I got closer to El Dorado I could see black smoke risking form the prison multiple miles away," said Scott Stueven, Deputy Director for Butler County EMS.

Stueven says he made the decision to call for more units from surrounding areas.

"It was a very large response this time just to be on the safe side. The intuition was there that something bad might happen."

Fire trucks. ambulances, air crafts and special emergency response teams showed up from as far as Hesston, Ellsworth and Winfield. Stueven says they eventually learned nobody was hurt and those emergency responders were sent home.

"We use a lot of hair on the back of our neck type instincts. Something just told me I needed to be extra prepared just in case this time," said Stueven.