VIDEO: Shockers make surprise visit to cancer clinic

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Maddy Rodell is in the middle of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma in December last year. But the Shockers have been a means of escape for her and her family during a difficult time.

"To see them walk in and support her and take time out of their schedule it is one of those things that no one will understand unless you're a mom and go through this and see your kid smile thanks to other people's generosity and taking their time means the world," said Kristen Rodell, Maddy's mom.

Rauno Nurger, Rashard Kelly, Brett Barney and Austin Reaves all made the visit. But Reaves was the MVP.

"He's definitely one of my favorite players and that is super cool and awesome to know he just came up during the day and all the other players too, said a smiling Maddy.

The team also invited Maddy and her family to the Tulane game Wednesday night. If the Shockers win - she'll be in the locker room leading the victory call.