VIRAL VIDEO: Cancer patient at Bolivar, Mo. hospital searched for marijuana

Published: Mar. 10, 2019 at 8:59 PM CDT
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A stage-four cancer patient at a hospital in Bolivar, Mo. is speaking out after police searched his hospital room for marijuana. Now that search caught on camera has gone viral.

Nolan Sousley says he was he was just trying to get some rest inside his hospital room at Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar.

"He said I smelled marijuana coming from your room," said Sousley about a security guard. "I was like, it's not me. I didn't have any marijuana, now leave me alone, because I'm trying to sleep."

Sousley says a security guard at Citizens Memorial Hospital then accused him of smoking marijuana. In a Facebook Live video, you hear Sousley mention he had THC oil, but took it out of the hospital. Ultimately, officers did find CBD oil. That is legal in Missouri.

Police then come into his hospital room and began searching through his things, something Sousley says he never gave permission for them to do.

"What would you do? Tell me what you would do?," said Sousley on the Facebook Live.

"I'm not in your situation so I'm not going to play the 'what-if games," said the officer on the video.

"You've never said you'd do anything to save your life," said Sousley.

Sousley's wife says she's glad the state approved medical marijuana. She hopes it will help people like CBD has helped her husband.

"It's huge for us, because it's a medical thing," said Sousley's wife Amber. "It's a medical cannabis to help him with his life. A better quality of life. Why do we not get that opportunity to give him a better quality of life?"

Sousley says he would like to see the security guard lose his job. The couple now hopes the viral video confrontation has a positive outcome.

"People you don't know are saying don't give up," said Kidwell. "Keep fighting, and it makes you want to fight more, and then you have people telling their story. To me that's even bigger. You're reading stories of people saying we're fighting the same fight."

"Terminal lives matter," said Sousley. "Love thy neighbor. Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. Give everybody a hug. Screw it, let's start over. Hi, I'm Nolan, nice to meet you."

Citizens Memorial Hospital released a statement on Facebook about the incident:

"Respect is part of our core values. Our actions in this recent event did not reflect who we are as an organization. We pride ourselves in providing compassionate care to all patients and we fell short of expectations. We apologize to our patient and his family and friends who were affected by our actions. We are reviewing the incident and will retrain our employees in the core values and the importance of respect and dignity to our patients and the community."

Respect is part of our core values. Our actions in this recent event did not reflect who we are as an organization. We...

Posted by Citizens Memorial Hospital on Saturday, 9 March 2019