Vaccination deadline for Wichita school district

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Wichita parents should know that Thursday is the last day to turn in paperwork for required immunizations for kids in the Wichita school district.

You may be wondering what vaccinations your kids need and at what age.

There are eight vaccines required for school entry and they are spread out over several age groups.

Four vaccines are not require but are recommended.

“It’s very important to get these vaccines and when we see dips in vaccinations, we start to see outbreaks like pertussis or the U.K. several years ago had an outbreak of measles because people were worried about vaccines, but unfortunately the diseases that we’re preventing are potentially debilitating or fatal," says Doctor Doug Nunamaker.

If you are not sure whether your kids have the right vaccines, doctors can access a website to get that information.

Melissa Murray spoke with a doctor that says vaccines are especially important for children because having them in close proximity to others can easily spread disease.

Parents have a lot of options for where to get their kids vaccinated even at the last minute.

"Most physician's offices do vaccinate. If it's something that either we're unable to get or you can't get a certain immunization at your doctor's offices, the health department would be the next place to go and you can essentially go to any health department in the state. So if you live in Sedgwick County, you don't have to go to that health department," says Doctor Nunamaker.

If your child does not have updated shot records by tomorrow, they won't be allowed to attend school.

Doctor Nunamaker says health department vaccines are subsidized and on a sliding scale for cost. Most insurances cover vaccines.

Here is a link you can see what vaccinations are required for students: Wichita Public Schools immunization requirements