Via Christi sees slight decrease in flu patients

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) For the first time this flu season, a hospital in Wichita reports slightly less flu activity this week.

"As an update for the flu season, we are still seeing some fairly high numbers here on the pediatric floor," said Via Christi Pediatrician Amy Seery. "Thank goodness it is backing up a little bit, and hopefully that trend will continue."

Seery said some experts are calling it the most severe season in the last decade.

"The last time I saw from The CDC reports we've had somewhere in the sixties of pediatric patient deaths here in the United States," said Seery. "That's a tragedy in anybody's mind."

She said although the ER is still busy, it may be a little less busy this week.

"Just in the last couple days...we still have a pretty high number over the weekend, and now we're starting to see a slight decrease trend up here on the floor," said Seery. "It's been a very short interval, so I don't know if this is an ongoing trend, but we're all hopeful it is."

Seery said they're admitting five to 10 patients on the in-patient ward each day, and more than half of her patients have respiratory infections.

"A little less seem to be coming in with quite as severe complications," said Seery.