VP Mike Pence to stump for Kris Kobach in Wichita next Thursday

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Vice President Mike Pence will be in Wichita Thursday, Oct. 18 to stump for Kansas governor candidate Kris Kobach.


While all of the details surrounding the vice president's visit have not been disclosed, we're learning it will be more like a fundraising event - similar to the one headlined by Donald Trump, Jr.

President Donald Trump, Sr. held a rally in support of the Republican gubernatorial candidate in last Saturday in Topeka.

"Kobach is clearly someone that Trump and the Trump Administration would like to help," said Dr. Neal Allen with Wichita State University's Political Science department.

Allen says he's surprised to see the administration devoting time and resources to a governors race in particular.

"Presidents often think that senate races and house races are more important because that impacts them more day to day," said Allen.

He says their effort to support Kobach shows they consider the Kansas race for governor a top priority heading into the midterm election. Allen says Pence's visit could give Kobach the boost he needs to widen the gap between his opponents.

"There are a lot of Kansans who would like to vote Republican but Kris Kobach is a bridge too far for them. Mike Pence is a good way to reach those voters or at least try," said Allen.

Kobach is one of five candidates running for Kansas' highest office.

Democrat Laura Kelly, Libertarian Jeff Caldwell and independents Greg Orman and Rick Kloos, along with Kobach, all appeared in the KWCH-12 studio Tuesday night for a gubernatorial forum. WATCH COVERAGE HERE

Kansans will choose who will be the next governor of Kansas in the general election on Nov. 6.